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    I'm looking for a talented artist to create a medium-sized (16"x20") oil portrait painting. I'd like the style to be determined by the artist, with the freedom to decide between realistic, abstract, or impressionistic. The ideal candidate for this project should have: - Proficiency in oil painting techniques - A strong portfolio showcasing their versatility in different painting styles - Ability to work autonomously and make creative decisions - Excellent communication skills to discuss the project's progress and needs - Previous experience with portrait painting would be a plus Please note that the question about including a background was skipped intentionally, so I'm open to your suggestions on this matter. Feel free to get in ...

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    I need less than 100 brochures designed for my Madhubani painting business to attract more customers. The brochures should: - Promote my products by displaying images of my paintings as their primary focus - Provide essential information about my business The ideal candidate should have strong graphic design skills, an understanding of effective marketing strategies through print media, and have experience with brochure design. An interest in or knowledge of art, specifically Madhubani painting, will certainly add an edge as it would enable the freelancer to capture and relay the unique heart and soul of my business.

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    36 bids has gotten into a dilapidated state and I am looking to completely transform it into a modern style while preserving its coastal charm. Key Renovation Aspects - Interior Remodeling: The interior space of the house, which stands at 1300 sq ft, requires a full overhaul to bring it up to modern standards. This includes but is not limited to, flooring, walls, ceilings, and fixtures. - Exterior Painting: The exterior of the house will need a fresh coat of paint to restore it to its former glory and protect it against the elements. - Kitchen Renovation: A complete modernization of the kitchen is necessary to make the space functional, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing. - Structural Repairs: The dilapidated condition of the home necessitates some structural repairs to ensu...

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    As an artist, I'm seeking someone with a strong background in abstract oil painting for a specific project. Below are the details and requirements for the project: - Style: Abstract. The desired style is not realism or impressionism, it should be abstract. Your use of shapes, forms, colors and lines to create a composition should be innovative and open to interpretation. - Color Palette: Cool colors. The painting should lean towards the cooler side of the spectrum — blues, greens, purples, and light grays. - Theme: Mysterious and introspective. I aim to provoke thoughtful contemplation with this painting, it should create an enigmatic, introspective vibe. The ideal candidate will have experience in creating abstract oil paintings, and is comfortable workin...

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    I'm looking for a talented rock painter, who specializes in a realistic style, to create unique visuals for an ad campaign aimed at increasing brand awareness. Key responsibilities include: - Designing and painting rocks (10 unique designs) - Collaborating creatively to bring our vision to life - Implementing revisions based on feedback Ideal candidate qualifications: - Proven experience in painting - Proficiency in creating rock paint designs - Receptive to feedback and revisions We can discuss in more detail, but designs would be professional, but simple. Incorporating brand colors and illustrative style with minimal lettering.

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    I'm searching for an artist to touch up a painting. The key tasks include: - Intensifying some colors and enhance some brush strokes: -Add abstract illustrations of people praying at the wall, similar style to the second image attached. The painting is 30"x40"

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    I require an experienced artist with proven ability to precisely reproduce large-scale acrylic painting. Successful completion of the project entails delivering a large-sized (approx. 24x36 inches) reproduction that maintains a high level of detail, nearly identical to the original. Ideal Skills & Experience: - Proficiency in acrylic painting techniques - Strong attention to detail to ensure maximum similarity with the original artwork - Able to work with a high level of precision and accuracy

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    I'm seeking talented artists ideally experienced in creating digital and hand-drawn illustrations. The artworks need to be eye-catching and unique, in a variety of styles encompassing Realistic, Abstract, Line Art, Watercolor Illustration, and Digital Painting. Key Requirements: - Comfortable designing in multiple styles - Expertise in digital and hand-drawn illustration - Experience with T-Shirt Design is a bonus - High-resolution work for quality print Be ready to have your creativity unleashed as these illustrations will be for shirt printing. Let's set fashion trends with your immaculate designs!

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    I'm seeking a talented artist to create a large (36x36 inches) mixed media resin artwork featuring realistic depictions. The artwork should incorporate cool color schemes including blues, greens and purples. Ideal Skills: - Previous experience with resin painting - Ability to paint in realistic forms - Understanding of color harmonies and aesthetics - Experience with large scale art projects Needed: - Mixed media with resin on aluminum - Realistic depiction style - Cool color scheme (blues, greens, and purples) - Art size must be 36x36 inches The chosen freelancer should be able to demonstrate their experiences in the skills mentioned above. Please include samples of previous works in your proposal.

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    ...transform my truck into a masterpiece of modern art with bold colors. This won't be a small task, as the design should cover the whole truck, so an eye for detail is critical. Key Aspects: - Use of Bold, Modern Colors: Tactful use of bold colors to render a modern vibe is essential. - Full Truck Coverage: The entire truck is to be painted, not just a specific panel. - Experience with Vehicle Painting: Proven experience working with auto paints and clear coats is strongly preferred. Envisioning your artistic flair brought to life on my truck excites me, so I am eagerly looking forward to your bids! I would like the attached truck to be painted but not in the location attached, i would like it to be painted within a traffic management closure with cones etc which can be d...

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    $427 - $1281
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    I need a skilled copywriter able to produce engaging and informative text content for my website. The content should primarily provide an overview of my business, painting a clear picture of what we do and who we are. Key Responsibilities: - Crafting original, compelling, and SEO-friendly content - Ensuring the information is accurate, engaging and meets the needs of the target audience - Researching and understanding my business Ideal Skills: - Excellent written communication and copywriting skills - Strong research and fact-checking abilities - Understanding of SEO principles and proper keyword usage - Previous experience in business and corporate copywriting.

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    I need a talented painter to create a beautiful finish on my regulation size (2' x 4') wooden cornhole bases. The paint finish is undecided so ideally, you'll guide me between matte, glossy, or satin. Key requirements are: - Deciding on the ideal paint finish - Experience with painting on wood material - Familiarity with regulations size cornhole bases Your bid should reflect your expertise and advice on paint finishes.

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    43 bids these, and gradually move to smaller ones as they become more proficient." [Cut to the child attempting to button and unbutton the shirt, with the therapist offering gentle guidance.] Narrator: "Now, let's dive into 'Painting Fun'." [Therapist sets up a painting station with brushes, paper, and nontoxic paint.] Therapist: "Painting allows your child to explore different brush strokes and hand movements, enhancing their fine motor skills and creativity. Encourage them to use different colors and experiment with mixing paints." [Cut to the child happily painting, with the therapist providing encouragement and praise.] Narrator: "Finally, we'll conclude with 'Playdough Creations'." [The...

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    Newsletter for a painting! 3 days left

    I'm seeking a well-informed, creative individual to curate and produce a weekly art newsletter, focusing principally on contemporary art. The newsletter text which I have written, must be proofread and edited, and it must be neat and simple with the main point up front, using short sentences with a lot of paragraph breaks, written for my audience in a friendly one to one style to get their attention, and for the newsletter write an attractive line that is with 50 characters or less.

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    I need a talented copywriter to craft long, 6-8 sentences product descriptions for a variety of items including electronics, clothing, and home decor. ...long, 6-8 sentences product descriptions for a variety of items including electronics, clothing, and home decor. -Category Experience: The ideal candidate will have vast experience in writing about these product categories so they can effectively convey each product's features and unique selling points. -Descriptive Writing: The descriptions should be informative and descriptive, capable of painting a vivid picture of the product and its functionalities. -Project Scope: The number of descriptions needed will be disclosed upon successful bid. I am ready to collaborate with a dedicated professional who can deliver this ta...

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    [Removed by] I'm looking for a skilled painter with a keen eye for detail to carry out a comprehensive painting job inside and out of my property. Specifically, the job will entail: - Painting entire rooms and ceilings - Ensuring clean, smooth surfaces are well-prepared for painting Ideal candidates should have substantial experience with both interior and exterior painting. Ability to consistently provide clean, neat work is imperative. Looking forward to your bids on this project.

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    I'm seeking an artist experienced in creating classic style military artwork, with a particular focus on specific aircraft collages together. T-34, MH-60S, T-44, C-130. The project involves painting or drawing of classic military aircraft in a recognizable and authentic way. Skills & Experience: - Experience in military artwork - Exceptional talent in creating realistic, classic illustrations - Profound knowledge of military aviation - Keen eye for detail ensuring high accuracy The artist should strive for: - Authentic representation of military aircraft - Composition that portrays the gravity of military aviation - Use of colour and technique to create a classic look. This project is a fantastic opportunity for artists who have a passion for military history, classi...

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    I'm seeking a talented writer to craft an inspirational and captivating biography that showcases my professional background and personal interests. - Bio Length: The finished bio should be medium in length, spanning approximately 3-4 well-structured paragraphs. - Tone: The choice of language and tone should evoke inspiration, painting a vivid image of my journey and aspirations. - Content: The bio should contain two main elements: - Professional Background: Highlight my career progression, notable roles, responsibilities, and impacts. - Personal Interests & Hobbies: Shed some light on who I am outside the professional sphere. - Skills and Experience: Ideally, you have previous experience in biography writing, have a flair for inspirational storytelling, and p...

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    I need a talented copywriter to craft long, 6-8 sentences product descriptions for a variety of items including electronics, clothing, and home decor. ...long, 6-8 sentences product descriptions for a variety of items including electronics, clothing, and home decor. -Category Experience: The ideal candidate will have vast experience in writing about these product categories so they can effectively convey each product's features and unique selling points. -Descriptive Writing: The descriptions should be informative and descriptive, capable of painting a vivid picture of the product and its functionalities. -Project Scope: The number of descriptions needed will be disclosed upon successful bid. I am ready to collaborate with a dedicated professional who can deliver this ta...

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    ...placed on the statue's color scheme, detailing the facial hair, and clothing style. Key project details: - Size: This statue exceeds 24 inches, requiring careful attention to detail on a larger scale. - Accentuation elements: Focus should be given to masterfully painting the color scheme, and intricately detailing facial hair and clothing style. - Placement: The finished product will be a central piece in our Bar/Man cave. Therefore, it should be crafted with the intent to stand out and catch the eye. Ideal Skills: - Exceptional painting abilities - Strong attention to detail - Experience working on larger art pieces. Please submit your bid if you meet these requirements. Also, provide examples of similar projects you've executed in your portfolio. We value...

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    I am seeking an experienced artist who can demonstrate past work, particularly in painting on non-traditional surfaces. Your task would be to paint a beach scene on a medium-sized (1ft - 3ft) wooden centerboard from a sailboat. Essential Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in painting - Past work involving non-traditional surfaces, ideally wood - Ability to choose and blend colors effectively as no specific colors have been requested Please include examples of past work in your application, especially if you've done anything similar or relevant to this project.

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    I am in need of a skilled artist with a love for Star Trek: The Next Generation, specifically the character William Riker. The task is to render three individual paintings of him in lively, action-packed poses. Key project details include: - Size Specifications: Small (5x7 inches) - Scene Selection: You'll be focusing on detailed character close-ups of William Riker in action. - The Unique Touch: I wish that each piece to reflect the spirit of the traditional "Live, Laugh, Love" theme. - Reference: I have a set of specific scene images to inspire your creations which I can provide. Experience with portraiture and ability to capture the spirit of sci-fi in your work would be a plus. This project seeks a blend of creativity, precision and fandom knowledge. These paintings ...

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    I'm looking to commission a piece of art - specifically, an oil painting - that will embody realism. Here are the key details of this project: • Size: The painting should be of medium size (18x24 inches). • Style: I am leaning towards a realistic style of painting, not abstract or impressionist. • Subject Matter: The focus should be on creating a still-life scene, not landscape or portrait. Ideal skills would be potent execution of fine details and a strong grasp of realistic art styles. Previous experience in creating oil paintings of this nature would be greatly appreciated. Please share some examples of past work relevant to this project.

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    I'm seeking an artist skilled in abstract watercolor who can create a 40x60 inch landscape artwork on rag paper. The theme is abstract with focus on landscapes. My preferred color palette is cool-toned, predominantly in blues, greens, and purples. The ideal candidate should be experienced with large format, abstract watercolor painting on rag paper, and adept at creating harmonious scenes using cool color palettes.

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    ...essence of my selected football teams-Man City, Wolves, and Liverpool. - Mural Dimension: The size of each mural is significant. The first mural would be massive, around 40 square feet, the second one medium-sized at approximately 30 square feet, and the last one modest at about 16 square feet. - Work Requirement: As an artist, you should have a strong understanding and background in painting impressive and vivid murals. In addition, an intimate knowledge of football and the ability to create murals that demonstrate the dynamics and passion of the game are crucial. - Desired Skills: A strong background in mural art, an understanding of different paint types, work on-site in the DY5 area, and agility in capturing the zest of football teams is necessary. Sub...

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    I'm seeking a professional with a background in interior design and practical home renovation skills for a full revamp of my home in Hyderabad, adopting a modern aesthetic. Key components of the project include: - Furniture building/installation: Delivering the modern theme, coordinating furniture choice and arrangement in each area. - Painting and wallpaper: Define mood and ambience while aligning with the overall theme. - Lighting and electrical: Plan, select and install appropriate fixtures. - Civil work/Tiles: Renovate, replace or install tiles where needed. - Woodwork: Custom creation or alteration with a modern flair. The project covers all the primary areas of the house, including the living room, kitchen and dining, bedrooms and bathrooms. An ideal candidate would be ...

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    18 bids these, and gradually move to smaller ones as they become more proficient." [Cut to the child attempting to button and unbutton the shirt, with the therapist offering gentle guidance.] Narrator: "Now, let's dive into 'Painting Fun'." [Therapist sets up a painting station with brushes, paper, and nontoxic paint.] Therapist: "Painting allows your child to explore different brush strokes and hand movements, enhancing their fine motor skills and creativity. Encourage them to use different colors and experiment with mixing paints." [Cut to the child happily painting, with the therapist providing encouragement and praise.] Narrator: "Finally, we'll conclude with 'Playdough Creations'." [The...

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    **Guidelines for Creating a Logo for Tasha’s Creative Face Painting:** -----PLEASE READ COMPLETELY----- YOU ARE A PROFESSIONAL SO USE YOUR CREATIVE SKILLS TO DELIVER. **1. Understand the Brand:** - Familiarize yourself with Tasha’s Creative Face Painting and its values. - Emphasize the family-friendly aspect of the company in the design. **2. Incorporate Vibrant Paint Splatter:** - Utilize vibrant and lively colors to represent the energy and creativity of face painting. - The paint splatter should be prominent and dynamic, capturing attention. **3. Black Background:** - Use a black background to make the vibrant colors of the paint splatter stand out. - Ensure contrast to enhance visibility and legibility. **4. Typeface Selection:**...

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    I require an experienced professional to assist with a painting project. The focus will be on painting some iron MS rafters and pipes. I already have a specific color scheme in mind that I will share once we begin the project. Ideal skills and experience: - Demonstrated experience with interior and exterior painting - Expertise in painting iron materials - Ability to achieve a smooth, clean finish - Good understanding of color schemes and how best to apply them - Respect for property, cleanliness and attention to detail.

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    I am looking for a talented artist that can recreate a 4' x 4' canvas of a Monopoly Boardwalk property card in pop art style, painted in oil paint. Requirements: - Experience in Pop art style paintings - Proficient in oil paint - Must be able to work on a 4' x 4' canvas - Prior experience with large canvas work is a plus Please note that there should be no text on the artwork, only the painting in the pop art style. Thank you.

    $1021 - $2041
    $1021 - $2041
    28 bids
    Trophy icon Commercial Painting Company 1 day left

    I am looking for a minimalist logo for Commercial Painting Company that incorporates tools and conveys a tech savvy ability. I have no preferred color scheme, so the designer has free rein to choose what they think would work best. I would prefer a modern and sleek design that will stand out among competitors. The ideal designer would have experience in creating logos and branding for businesses online. The name of the business is Basecoat Pro.

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    I'm looking for a 3D designer who can develop a high poly young Native American character for a PC game. The character must be realistic in style to fit the narrative of the game. Key Requirements: - Proficient in 3D character modeling for games - Experienced in developing high poly characters - Adept at creating realistic art style - Knowledge of PC game development is...characters - Adept at creating realistic art style - Knowledge of PC game development is desirable I'm looking for a freelancer who can bring this character to life, adding depth and detail to the design. The ideal candidate would have experience in game development and understands the importance of character design for user engagement. I want him to use a feather as his hat and also have a small red paint...

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    I am seeking an experienced Key pages to include: - About Us: Introduce our company with a focus on the type of work we do, such as kitchen renovations, bathroom makeovers, plumbing, electrical, tiling, and more. - Services: A comprehensive page detailing our service offerings. Highlight our expertise in kitchen remodeling, bathroom renovations, plumbing services, electrical work, tiling services, flooring, and painting & decorating. - Contact: An easy-to-use form for customers to get in touch. - Projects: A showcase of our work focusing on kitchen and bathroom renovations. The ideal freelancer should have a proven record of developing WP websites, preferably within the home renovations sector. Knowledge of SEO best practices is equally important to draw or...

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    I'm in need of a unique painting to gift at a wedding. I'm visualizing an image of a bride and groom engaging in a game of ultimate frisbee; however, this image should not be normally drawn, but painted onto an actual frisbee as the canvas. This project requires an artist who can brilliantly create semi-realistic and semi-impressionistic images using primarily neutral colours, mainly whites, blacks and grays. The painting's size should not exceed the dimensions of a small canvas, ideally 8x10 inches. Flexibility and creativity in style is encouraged, just as long as the image is not too abstract for viewers to interpret. This project would suit an artist gifted in adding dynamic essence to still-life concepts. Would like the bride and groom’s name with the weddi...

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    I have a fiction novel titled WATERCOLORS. The storyline is about...the protagonist is served divorce documents and finds out her husband has a relationship with a younger woman. As the story unfolds, she finds a hidden talent, painting/drawing. After her art instructor convinces her to sell some of the paintings, the buyer becomes a mentor and helps her progress. The buyer, an older, financially successful man, owns a private club called Orchidee (French for orchid) where the protagonist meets with him and his family multiple times. He develops an attraction to the protagonist and she keeps him as a friend only, until the end, I am looking for ideas that would incorporate an orchid and the painting theme. However, I am open to suggestions. Attached is the first chap...

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    48 bids

    More details: Which social media platforms do you currently use for your business? Facebook, Instagram What is the primary goal of your social media presence? Increase brand awareness How often do you want new content posted on your social media channels? Daily

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    38 bids

    I'm seeking a talented watercolour artist to create a beautiful impressionistic painting of Radha Krishna. The painting should be large in size, covering most of the wall in my living room. Skills required: - Proficiency in watercolour painting, particularly in the impressionistic style - Ability to accurately and artistically portray religious figures, specifically Radha Krishna - Experience with large-scale paintings - Strong understanding of color theory and composition The ideal freelancer will have a portfolio that demonstrates their expertise in creating impressionistic watercolour pieces and an ability to translate religious themes into art. They should also be able to work on a large canvas and deliver a high-quality, engaging final product. I live in s...

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    I am in search of a talented portrait artist skilled in oil painting and realism. You will be working from a live model to create this piece. Key Elements: - Oil painting techniques - Realistic style portrayal - Live model rendition skills Your artistic abilities should allow you to capture intricate details and create a realistic depiction of the live model. Previous experience in working with live models is essential. This project requires precision, careful observation, and a deep understanding of human anatomy. ReactiveFormsModule to the model's presence and capturing their essence in paint is critical, making this an exciting project for artists who thrive in such environments.

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    I'm looking for an experienced and creative 2D animator who can create a compelling and informative video that effectively promotes my product/service to B2B clients. Key Elements: - The video must incorporate a product demo that shows our product/service in action to emphasize its functionality. - It should highlight its features and benefits, painting a clear picture of why my product/service is advantageous over competitors. Ideal Freelancer: - Extensive experience in 2D animation and demonstrable skill in making professional quality videos - Proven track record in creating effective promotional videos, particularly for B2B clients. - Excellent grasp of how to present product demos and elucidate features and benefits for maximum impact - An understanding of what appeal...

    $14 - $41
    $14 - $41
    19 bids

    I'm seeking...logo required is for my painting company. Here are specific details for this project: * Color scheme - Red should dominate the logo design * Design style - The logo should be symbolic rather than abstract or text-based * Desired message - The logo should communicate a sense of reliability The ideal freelancer for this job should have experience in logo design, specifically within the painting or construction industry. A strong understanding of symbolic design and how to use color to create a sense of reliability is highly beneficial. Please include examples of your previous work in your proposal. In conclusion, I am looking for a logo that signifies reliability through a symbolic, red-dominated design. Some incorporation of a wolf would be great as D...

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    74 bids

    I'm seeking a talented artist to create a charcoal painting of a person. The artwork should measure ca 140cm x 100cm. As part of your bid, I request you to attach samples of your past work, particularly any charcoal renditions to help me assess your style and proficiency. Ideal candidates would have a robust portfolio of previous human portraiture rendered in charcoal, showcasing their ability to capture the depth, personality and authenticity of their subjects.

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    78 bids

    I'm looking for a talented artist capable of creating a thematic window painting for a special event. The painting should reflect the event's logo and promotional content which will be provided by me. Ideal candidates should have: - Proven experience in window painting specifically. - Ability to incorporate thematic and promotional content into the art. - A portfolio showcasing previous work, preferably with similar projects. - Skill in creating eye-catching, engaging artwork that draws attention. - The creativity to interpret the event theme and logo into a beautiful window painting. Please provide samples of your work along with your bid.

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    $1454 Avg Bid
    118 bids

    Looking for an expert graphic designer t...out the essence of nature, as we focus on gardening and landscaping. Ideal experience and skills: - Proficient in logo design - Able to convey complex concepts through simple imagery - Adept at creating modern, minimalist designs. Items to include: Lawn mowing Lawn renovation (scarifying, aeration, Top dressing and seeding) Instant turf installation (natural turf) Planting Mulching Fence painting Tree pruning Fruit tree pruning Rose pruning Hedge trimming Shaping of plants Pressure cleaning My concept is to display a picture of a garden with all of these aspects shown. They would ideally convey it in pictures quickly and simply. I want to include my name and number and possibly my business names: Prune Perfect and Glen Waverl...

    $75 (Avg Bid)
    $75 Avg Bid
    166 bids

    I am seeking an illustrator to complete a painting project involving watercolour medium. The project includes two components: portraiture and landscapes. Portraiture Provide a minimum of 4 high-quality portrait photos (shoulders up) from different angles, featuring different facial expressions and light sources (Photos of myself which I will provide). Complete 4 facial studies using watercolour to familiarise with compositions, before completing one full A4-sized painting of your chosen face with realism in mind. Colour must be used but can be experimented with. Landscapes Provide a minimum of 3 high-quality landscape photos, featuring different landscape types: waterway, forest/bushland, and exterior urban environment. (Unprovided photos) Ensure photos are well compos...

    $327 (Avg Bid)
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    79 bids
    Trophy icon Video maker with AI Ended

    Need 20 short artistic painting videos of 10 seconds maximum per video. Fit on Facebook ad These videos are about excavation, finding soil in the ground. And an excavator putting earth into a big truck vidéo have, To, Be, Look Like, This vidéo Keywords are ,land leveling dirt, dirt transport, land unloading, dirt loading land spreading and land leveling

    $99 (Avg Bid)
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    I'm seeking a professional to deliver stamped plans for an automotive paint booth, I am building in my pole barn. This project requires detailed understanding and application of regulations that govern booth designs. Key Requirements: - Expertise in drafting and submitting stamped plans - Understanding of automotive painting booths capacities and processes - Knowledge about exhaust fan systems for paint booths Ideal candidate should have previous experience in creating functional design plans for automotive paint booths. I am looking for individuals who can ensure safety, efficiency, and meet industry standards.

    $532 (Avg Bid)
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    60 bids

    ...urgent need of a talented designer to create an illustrative logo. Here are the specifics: - Logo Style: Seeking a creative, engaging design with an illustrative style that stands out. Would like the business name to have a blend going from gunmetal to bright pink. In addition to the name, I am looking for a bright, exciting logo, using my brand colours. My business deals in interior/exterior painting, as well as garage floor coatings. I am looking for something that encompasses newness, quality, and excitement for the customer project. I would like the logo and business name to be separated, in that I can post one or the other, or blend them together into one image. - Color Scheme: The brand colors that can be incorporated into the design are black, 22333B, EAE0D5, EF476F, F4...

    $76 (Avg Bid)
    $76 Avg Bid
    188 bids

    I am in search of a highly experienced VFX and CGI artist to work on a Tamil-language movie pro...experienced VFX and CGI artist to work on a Tamil-language movie project. This is a 10-minute short film involving significant visual effects. Key tasks: * Creating realistic explosions and destruction scenes. * Producing environment creation and matte painting details. In addition, you'll be required to provide comprehensive scene compositing and color grading services. Important attributes: * Mastery in VFX and CGI animation. * Proven experience in creating explosions and destruction scenes. * Strong portfolio in environment creation and matte painting. * Expertise in scene compositing and color grading. Please provide a link to your portfolio and any pertinent past ...

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    9 bids

    I need a dedicated team or individual to develop a comprehensive and intuitive app focused on face painting, party event, and modelling jobs. Suitable jobs for adults and children as well. The scope involves: Main Features: - Implementing job posting and browsing functionalities where users can post and explore various job opportunities. - Developing intricate user profiles and a rating system to enhance credibility and ensure quality service. - Creating an advanced search and filtering system to help users find suitable jobs quickly and efficiently. User Authentication: - The app must support numerous login options including email/password, social media, and single sign-on with existing platforms for user convenience. Notifications: - The app should be capable of sending job ale...

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    255 bids

    We are looking for a talented designer to create a professional logo for our automotive garage, "Autolab Garage," based in the UAE. Our garage offers a comprehensive range of services including denting, painting, mechanical, and electrical repairs for various vehicles. Key Points: Company Name: Autolab Garage Location: UAE Services: Denting, Painting, Mechanical, Electrical Target Audience: Vehicle owners seeking high-quality automotive services Design Preferences: We are open to creative interpretations, but the logo should convey professionalism, reliability, and expertise in automotive services. Incorporating automotive elements such as tools, vehicles, or garage imagery is welcome but not mandatory. Additional Information: The logo will be used across various...

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