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    I have some php files which I need to get encoded/encrypted. From google, I found bcompiler and coldevpro as some solution. You are required to take my machine on Teamviewer/Anydesk and encrypt & run my php code with any of these tools or any tool better than these.

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    Hi there, java encoded software is available. In this software some codes need encrypted support in this case. please contact the java expert communication course

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    NGINX / Linux Configuration 3 days left

    ...Configuration task: Creating 301 redirects. The URL structure of the old site is massively incompatible with WordPress. The site has spaces all over the URLs (so ‘+’ when URL encoded). Additionally, there are tons of characters in the old URLs that WordPress will not support. I found all of these characters in various URLs: ß, é, è, ê, ˜e,...

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    We have a website that was on license based you need to remove the license so that I can move my website to other domain php

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    10 bids to be push to the phone through the imei. This needs to have extensive messaging and presence protocol (XMBB) with Sockets-based chat. It will be end-to-end encrypted, encoded on device and transferred to server (encrypted in transit), then transferred to final recipient. Only on end device is decoded. NOT held on server, or be able to be decoded

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    ...receive as input running power, left turn signal, right turn signal, running light and brake light signals. It will transmit wirelessly and encoded to the receiver. Transceiver: This device will receive encoded signals wirelessly from the Transmitter and then turn on the corresponding LED lights through MOSFETs. It will be battery powered (12v)

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    ...Huffman tree to come up with a minimal, optimized binary list of code words for these symbols. In this assignment, you will be implementing a compression utility for ASCII-encoded text. Your program should be able to both compress and decompress text files, computing the compression ratio and the efficiency of your encoding. The steps to implement this

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    We need to convert Fabric Js Json, generated from fabric js version 1.7.6, to image base64(encoded) with Image Magick via php. The inithial Json is composed by 3/4 object and we need 2 images and the left and top value is calculated for different width and heght like 1240 x 837. First Image: 500 x 500 px image high resolution with all object in the

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    ...server Provide instructions to install python and run api on the server The rest API have one route : /GetCountOfFaces/([login to view URL] encoded) api.add_resource( GetCountOfFaces, '/GetCountOfFaces/<UrlJpg>') [login to view URL](port='55055') Load the imag...

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    ...HIRED 9. Greek - HIRED 10. Italian - HIRED 11. Japanese 12. Korean 13. Portuguese (Portugal) - HIRED 14. Russian - HIRED 15. Spanish - HIRED 16. Swedish - HIRED The file, encoded in UTF16-LE, has English strings right next to what would be the translated strings. This file has some strings translated (from prior translations) and some others not translated

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    ...reader. It seems as though they are not encoded at all with any data. What I'd like to do, is to have an application developed that will encode the cards and enable them to be recognized by Windows in a similar way to a Gemalto IDPrime MD 830 B would be recognized by Windows. Each card should also be encoded with a serial number, similar to the Gemalto

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    Upgrade working android APP (currently in Beta) that encrypts and decrypts text to images and vice versa. Your task is to add the ability to capture (photograph) encoded images printed on large format printers (wall prints) by using the built in camera phone and then decrypt them via the APP's logic back into text .. this requires overcoming print

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    Upgrade working android APP (currently in Beta) that encrypts and decrypts text to images and vice versa. Your task is to add the ability to capture (photograph) encoded images printed on large format printers (wall prints) by using the built in camera phone and then decrypt them via the APP's logic back into text .. this requires overcoming print

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    1) I want the feedback URL to be like /public/feedbacks/YW1hcmppdEBtZXRyaWNvaWR0ZWNoLmNvbSMjMjY= where YW1hcmppdEBtZXRyaWNvaWR0ZWNoLmNvbSMjMjY= is a base64 encoded data of email##booking_id what I want: Before showing the feedback form, decode the above data and check if booking_id is valid and assigned to the user with the email_id. If valid then

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    Hi we are currently learning about XSS in class and all that is required is to launch an XSS atta...via JS to create a popup. Obvious things like <script>alert("1")<script/> are not allowed because a JS overrides those. The input is stored in string format, however it is encoded (to what i belive xml encoding ). I need help on getting this to work .

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    ...experienced security expert can spot most encoding schemes very quickly, the trick is to check the character set used in the encoded message and the length of the encoded message, these will point you in the right direction. (note: I said encoded not encrypted!)...

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    4 bids kick-start/build our dropship website. We need someone to work on complete E-commerce site including design. The project is based on WordPress. API Integration should be encoded in UTF-8 format, XML CDATA, Each block of XML MUST contain a field called ‘key, Images (small image, a medium image, a large image, and an extra large image) It is not necessary

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    Implement a simple php base64 encoding script (9 lines) in python script yielding the exact same encoded output.

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    Hello, I need to decribe a php script that is encoded with IONCUBE and sourceguardian and locked to a only domain.

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    I need a script developer, who is familiar with encoded files who can decode and edit matrix page in my script

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    ...copies and caption - A few website pages My client has an online English tutorial platform, offering one-on-one classes to learners in over 80 countries. The files are encoded in Microsoft Word We've allotted an area for the translated scripts. The document is still in preparation and therefore, we cannot give an exact character count. I am looking

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    ...uses the password_hash() function. The code you develop will need to return the same type of hash It will accept a HTTP POST request expect header: content-type url form encoded expect body to contain the following POST params: password=xxxxxx&cost=xxxxxxxxxxx **note the cost is optional and if not sent it should use default values the code will

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    Hi Devika ...sent. Currency must not be included. ADD_DESCRIPTION: the name of all the products that have been purchased, URL-encoded. (This will help affiliates optimize future sales ) ADD_TRANSACTION_ID: the order id, in your platform, URL-encoded. (This will help identify and process the commissions later) Please let me know if you are interested.

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    Hi, For my project I need to send a .wav file to a API using HTTPClient POST. Hardware used = ESP32 DEV Module Software = Arduino IDE Need: A programmer that can convert the .wav file into the correct format for the POST request.

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    ...Case Scenario Our batch of 100 Kg of final product of grade 3000 consists of 40 Kg of material X, 30 Kg of material Y and 30 Kg of material Z. The material X, Y and Z are encoded in the keypad as key 1, 2 and 3 respectively. There is a key "4" for signalling that a new batch of resin of grade 3000 has started. 1. Worker presses key 4 to signal preparation

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    Urgent - can you solve this encoded value for 203238 is lpWYY2aa so what will be encoded value for 203237

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    I need an Android app to support IPTV with web url encoded. I would like it designed and built, i have an example one to work off.

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    This tool should be able to take an image (i.e...tool should be able to take an image (i.e. jpeg) or a music file (i.e. mp3) and hide text data (encode) in it. The tool should also be able to decode (i.e. extract) a message encoded and hidden in an image file. once I have selected someone I will send the image which I would like the payload to be on.

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    I have 2 files that I need encoded with with Ioncube Encoder for PHP 7.2. Paying $10 for this.

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    I need someone to correct a php mailer to Send Base64 Encoded Email

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    1) Read file, spawn 3 children 2) Each ...contacts the second file(server) 3) And sends a value, with a destination child 4) Server file waits for all three sends 5) Encodes them according to specs 6) And then sends the encoded message to each child 1 second apart Once a child received a response from the server, it decodes and outputs the information

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    ...resized and with lower bitrate. Ffmpeg, libav or any other libs not allowed, only RPI standard VC libs! I expecting for test a binary executable file which takes raw H264 encoded file made by raspivid. Which shows video on HDMI and outputs transcoded video stream to stdout. You can make hardcoded encoding params, for example, 320x280 at 500kbit/s or

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    I am trying to create encoded messages for children to de-code as a game and would like them to be on themed stationery. I need help with 2 different parts. First I need help finding or creating the actual stationery and 2nd I need help figuring out how to edit the stationery to input the coded message. The stationery itself can be simple- I'd like

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    ...frames per second and should fill the entire frame (no black edges!). Google Play: We will need exactly the same resolutions for Google Play (1600x1200 and 1920x1080) MP4, encoded using the H.264 codec, at 15-20Mbps for 1080p HD. The video will also need to be localized into 16 languages. This means two different resolution videos put into 16 different

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    Need to decode a content which is gzip encoded The content is from a post request : So I’m assuming should be a response to this post request and the content is the last wired looking char which are gzip encoded POST /aux/i HTTP/1.1 Host: [login to view URL] Connection: keep-alive Content-Length: 385 Origin: [login to view URL] User-Agent: Mozilla/5

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    1) Read file, spawn 3 children 2) Each ...contacts the second file(server) 3) And sends a value, with a destination child 4) Server file waits for all three sends 5) Encodes them according to specs 6) And then sends the encoded message to each child 1 second apart Once a child received a response from the server, it decodes and outputs the information

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    The initial barcode1 used by the U.S Postal System to route mail is defined as follows: Each decimal digit in the ZIP code is encoded using a sequence of three half-height and two full-height bars. The barcode starts and ends with a full-height bar (the guard rail) and includes a checksum digit (after the five-digit ZIP code or the nine-digit ZIP+4

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    ...upload. I don’t want to make them wait on the encoding. So I’ll set waitForEncoding to false, and use notify_url which Transloadit will ping with the Assembly Status in a JSON encoded string inside a form field called transloadit. My backend has to read and parse the string, loop over the results, save them in database. Optionally ping the frontend via a

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    Hello i am planing tor sell website script but i want it with license to stop people null it or resell the script....php licenser in script files, i am using Auto PHP Licenser to create licenses. [login to view URL] some files or most already encrypted/encoded by ioncube by old developer the script is laravel based.

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    ...every email. 2. Add a signature to the end of every email. This must work with both the plain text and HTML portions of an email and support both single and multipart MIME encoded emails. When modifying the plain text portion of the email, the content added would simply be offset by a string delimiter like "n---------------n". When modifying the

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    decode a secret message which is encoded using a baby block cipher related to AES.

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    ...[login to view URL] I will include an explanation from our knowledge base regarding GENERATING THE MD5 HASH along with code examples: The formDigest value is a hex-encoded MD5 hash, calculated using a combination of the above fields and a salt value. More information can be found about salt cryptography here. CCBill uses your salt value to verify

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    ...Get data URL encoding of image var uri = [login to view URL]("image/png"); $(img[i]).attr("src", img[i].src); img[i].width = w; img[i].height = h; // Save encoded image to array images[i] = { type: [login to view URL]([login to view URL](":") + 1, [login to view URL](";")), encoding: [login to view URL]([logi...

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    ...user must first generate a token at [login to view URL] Submit GET request to [login to view URL] with the username and token. A json encoded response will be returned. The data is refreshed once every 5 minutes. Required request parameters: username: the username of the user token: the 24 character long token provided

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    ...bridge between the unbounce webhook and our Dynamics CRM On Premise. All you have to do is create a single page in C# that will accept all JSON and XML data that is sent encoded from Unbounce and create with those data a new lead in Dynamics CRM On Premise. You can find the info regarding the Unbounce webhook here: [login to view URL]

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    Hi, I need a python programmer to create a script that sends data + file (base64 encoded), using complex and simple types (not only xsd:string, xsd:int). I would like it to use zeep python3 module. I need that the file sent (PDF) has a p7s signed file and the return PDF ('recibo') is saved in my harddrive. 1. Digital sign PDF file with p7s 2. Send

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    ...POST ● All requests must be submitted with an API key. ● All requests must be submitted with a request name. 1B) Receiving Responses ● All responses are returned as a JSON encoded string. ● All responses will contain a statuskey. It will always be true or false. 2. Setup WP-ALL-Imports to import the CSV file into woo-commerce 3. Create a cron job or

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    My module is ioncube encoded. It doesnt work with ioncube. It works fine without ioncube. I got this errors. classes/module/[login to view URL](1361) : eval()'d code on line 382 Need someone to fix this problem as soon as possible. My prestashop version is 1.6

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    Our products includes sensors (CO, CO2, temperature, humidity, smoke) and send differents messages on Sigfox backend with "encoded" information. We would like to build a service to decode this information and send a JSON to the server of our customers. Attached are: - one document to explain our need - one document as example of the messages sent by

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    ...[login to view URL] Send all api requests to [login to view URL] POST parameters: method= name of the command you want to execute request= request array is json encoded and encrypted with public key. This array includes api_key, cmd (command to execute) signature= signature generated from post parameters (post parameters are alphabatically

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