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    I need assistance implementing an Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm for the Traveling Salesman Problem. Please see attached instructions.

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    i need a consultation and just a base design in the beginning to understand if the solution has potential or not. it is not about developing the software

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    Spanning tree graph 6 days left

    Implement Prim's algorithm to find minimum spanning tree of a graph

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    By using Gale-Shapely algorithm and utilizing PHP, MYSQL, and CSS

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    Implementing UPGMA and Neighbor-joining algorithm using python

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    Python Project by Jupiter. 5 days left

    Looking for Python Expert for my Project. Budget: $100. Deadline: 10th Dec-22. Project Details: Python Project Dataset Link: https:...using a test data set Evaluation Criteria What do I look for in the project presentation? · How did you define the problem? · How did you explain the business problem? · Which algorithms did you choose, and why? · How did you achieve variable preprocessing and feature selection? · How did you pick the parameters of algorithms? · What happened when you altered algorithm parameters? · Did the performance indicator of the learning algorithm improve after feature selection? If yes, why? If no, why? · What performance indicators did you use? Note: if you have confidence then inbox me. After the...

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    Need to do a with checkout and an algorithm for it to function alone

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    Trophy icon File IO Data Analysis 1 day left

    ...for users. 3. You program also must include sorting method (let a user choose through menu selection). 4. Also, a user can choose a menu option merging files into a single sorted file . Your program must generate an output file as well. 5. Must write a report. You must include a reference (original data file location ), provide overall description of your project, and explain the design of your algorithm and data structures you choose in addition to adding code snippets as well as screen output (2 3 pages, use the same report template from Project 1). 6. To submit your project, name your folder as project02_yourLastnameFirstnameInitial , add all necessary files (including java, csv or txt file format) inside this folder, and zip it. Check any error since your submitted java/data ...

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    Algorithm-Java 5 days left

    Data structures and Algorithm with Java Language

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    Tentative title of the article No.1: The problem of setting operation parameters in digital relay protection of distribution networks. The main idea of the article: in the digital relay protection and automation terminals,...steps, a limited set of types of characteristics and set an unlimited number of current-independent steps (conditional settings), you can set separate settings to busbars in directional current protections, ... Illustrate this using an example in Automatic Relay Protection ARP. Preliminary title of article No.2: Development of an algorithm for formalized setting of the setting area of current digital relay protection. Here it is necessary to describe the algorithm for automatic calculation and setting of current protection settings in the Automatic Relay...

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    Action: In this step, you will implement your own encryption code. You may use a programming language of your choice. Then, you will need to choose a cryptographic library. Then, you will choose an appropriate encryption algorithm. Alternatively, you may a cryptographic utility, and write a shell code. : In this step, you need to implement a method for infecting a victim. Example: A victim may open a phishing email which contains a malicious executable/script as an attachment. 3. Monitoring: To be able to detect a ransomware, we need to be able to monitor your environment. Example: OSSEC Host IDS has a file integrity monitoring functionality. Provide your own detection component 4. Detection: In this stage, you will analyze the data collected by the monitoring component

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    Assignment 5 days left

    ...This project needs to be completed using Java and is an individual project. Naming of your programs must strictly follow the following convention: (1) one file for each part; (2) Lab3 followed by your Uid and I for part I (for example ). Upload only your source code (one file for each part) to the Pilot dropbox. Your report must adequately describe your solutions, such as algorithm, pseudo code, implementation, time complexity etc. The solution time complexity for this lab is an important consideration in grading. Therefore, you should use proper data structure and implement your solutions carefully. Test cases will exercise your programs thoroughly. Your programs should efficiently handle potentially large problems. Expect that your program produces results for all test

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    creating music videos telling the algorithm to compile the bunch of videos into one and crop them automatically based on sound

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    I want a python code for encrypting and decrypting images using rsa algorithm combined with DNA coding techniques. What i want is to encrypt the image using an algorithm called RSA which is available in internet .. so i want to add something called DNA techniques to creat some sort of a new algorithm I want to creat an algorithm using python as the coding language , an image to be read in python then we manipulate the pixels using the algorithms to encrypt it , we get our encrypted image we do the reverse and we we get the decrypted image Then we compare the decrypted image and the original image histogram and cross correlation Please read the attached file carefully

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    I want a python code for encrypting and decrypting images using rsa algorithm combined with DNA coding techniques. Please read the attached file carefully

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    It is time sensitive and needs 2 to 3 days. I have a PPT that needs beautification with a proper flow and a theme...needs 2 to 3 days. I have a PPT that needs beautification with a proper flow and a theme. This is for an academic presentation with ~80 pages and the majority of the pages are figures. I have 4 pieces/sections/types in my PPT 1. Data Security and protection 2. Improve data transmission, Data Priority, Health Prediction, and Interoperability. 3. Gene Disease Drug Association - ML and Quantum algorithm for Features detection and Optimization, Disease prediction, and Drug prediction 4. Protein Folding finding the lowest energy, remote computing, scalable framework for standard-based data representation, integration, and sharing. I have less budget and looking for a help...

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    Need to write a c++ script to encrypt files using Salsa20/SOSEMANUK inline algorithm with 256/128 bit key. The crypto stability of Salsa20/SOSEMANUK implementation is very important in the script, so the algorithms should be bug-free and encrypt any files at all. Also the speed of encryption will be very important, namely because of speed I chose stream algorithm instead of block algorithm. I work with transmitting important files over unsecured channels on a regular basis, at the moment I used and use the usual openssl aes-128-cbc, but the encryption speed leaves much to be desired... Therefore, I need a stable utility, but for Salsa20/SOSEMANUK and that quickly encrypted files that weigh from 1kb up to 50kb +. I would like to see it work in the following variants: ...

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    I need an algorithm for card game. No application, no big program, no GUI. The total amount of work is approximated no to be large (the game is not that complicated)

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    Hi Loyid A., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat.

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    Type a program to sort a set and to display out iteration process including variables. 0-Get data from an input file. 1 -Sort a set using Bubble Sort, Selection Sort, and Insertion Sort. 2-Use all three algorithms in one program. 3-Print out the sorting steps of each algorithm separately. 4-Print out sorting iterations, including: 4.1-variables of inner and outer loops (example 'j'). 4.2 Affected or used set values/elements during iterations.

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    I need to implement digital signature algorithm in Xilinx Vivado Design Suite using Verilog. Please find the attachment for complete details of project.

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    Improve some graph network 3 days left

    Hello everyone! I have a specific graph neural network, and I have its paper with code. I need to improve this algorithm. Thank you

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    Deep Q network 3 days left

    ...provided functions to move the pouring cup horizontally while rotating it. Action Space: The source cup can be moved along the X-axis by selecting an action from a predefined set [-2, -1,0, 1, 2]. You don’t have to move the cup in any other axis. State Space: The state space involves: The position of two cubes The position of source cup Velocities of the two cubes(optional) Task: the Q-Learning algorithm to develop the Q-table. For most problems, it is impractical to represent the Q-function as a table containing values for each combination of state and action. Because of that, in this part, you have to train a Deep Q-Network to estimate the Q-values. Submission: Submit your training and testing code Submit a video that shows cubes are falling to the target after you...

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    I am interested in updating a monthly portfolio rebalancing algorithm with signals in R, which has been developed using quantstrat. In a nutshell, I would like to use quantstrat to set trailing stops on each buy/sell positions, which are being set on the portfolio. Additionally, I would like to rebalance the portfolio every week or month outside of quantstrat. A knowledge of quantstrat or an equivalent backtesting framework is required.

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    I want CVD risk prediction using WHO 2019 charts, where I want if i put entries as Male/Female, Smoker/Non Smoker , Age, BMI and Systolic Blood pressure, it should show the risk using chart attached, with color coding also, simple Project, I will also pay if asked for reasonable amount. If any queries Contact me on +91 9897 038 115 WhatsApp

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    Hi guys, I'm working on this project so I already have the code for the algorithm but I need help with comparing my code with the algorithms in the market and document the results. We have to go through the algorithms which are currently available in the market by looking into the research papers and then we can implement with our dataset and compare the performance

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    I want script writer for my Business&Finance related Youtube Videos . Video length - 10-15 minutes. Someone having experience in such topic would be better(like making such scripts). Script requirements ⬇️ Hook in beginning Engaging script with comedy elements (can add some movie dialogues, trending memes etc.) Well researched intresting script according to YouTube algorithm with high audience retention and watch time I want someone who can work for longer time and there would be around 10-15 scripts per month Language-Hindi Country-India

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    ...The empire will cede the planets and the cost in purple matter of each connection of the wormhole, and requires minimal cost to maintain the network between these planets. important criteria Regardless of test results or non-compliance with the criteria below will result in a zero score for this activity. Any questions please contact us. You must solve this problem using graphs, and using the algorithm of Kruskal (implementing the separate sets as a forest, using heuristic path compression and using union-by-rank). Comments You should include, at the beginning of your program, a brief header containing at least your name and RA. Properly indenting your code and including comments in your progress program. Accepted languages: C Prohibited The first line of the input consists of ...

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    Hello LOyid, I had to create a new account to create the project to predict prices with time series The new project is name : Algorithm for Predict price with Time Series Thanks

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    Algorithm for Predict price with Time Series

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    Hello, I am searching for someone to do a probability study on the games we have in our application. The objective is to tell us how to write the algorithm, for example to have a percentage of 60/40 in favor of the game versus the player. We have two games in the application, the slot machine and the wheel of fortune. English is mandatory please so we can communicate efficiently and finish this task quickly. Best Regards,

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    I want a romance dating app that the main guideline of which is secure personal identification! Registration must be accompanied by some official document, to happen, which the system compares with the central register of the given government! First of all, we want to operate in the United States, but the system must be developable! Also, we w...document, to happen, which the system compares with the central register of the given government! First of all, we want to operate in the United States, but the system must be developable! Also, we want to operate with a paid membership program! Design and structure will be discussed later! The point is that we want to exclude romance scammers from the system! Have a detailed search engine and an algorithm that makes matches based on the g...

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    ...Neglect constraints (3) and (4). Conduct a graphical solution to find the best design variables ? ∗ and ? ∗ such that the weight of the truss is minimum. Identify the active constraint(s) and determine the corresponding ??? and ??? for each of the members, ?, and ?. 2. Let ?1, ?, and ? be the design variables where 0.1 ≤ ?1 ≤ 0.75 in, 3 ≤ ? ≤ 8 in, and 12 ≤ ? ≤ 36 in. Use the Sequential Simplex algorithm to find the optimum design variables ?1 ∗ , ? ∗ , and ? ∗ such that the weight of the truss is minimum. Present two sets of the results that are obtained by using the initial vertices specified in Table 1, respectively. 3. Automate the main script so that it is able to generate a set of feasible initial vertices. Then present t...

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    Build a site 1 day left

    Wanted a dynamic site like it can change and work within an algorithm which I told you .[Removed by Admin]

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    Python Game Algorithm 1 day left

    I would need to create a very simple game + algorithm.

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    ...strategies Develop and implement content plans Manage and brief content agencies to produce 3rd party blog content Work with content writers to plan and develop on-site content Reporting and Analytics Regular campaign reporting for all SEO activity, including tracking and reporting on rankings and results Research and report on competitor strategies Research and report on Google search trends and algorithm updates Advantageous - Ability to perform simple website editing - Graphic design experience - Can write engaging persuasive content How your work will be measured Driving growth - organic traffic of the website Maintaining and improving keywords rankings Identifying new keywords and ranking opportunities Number of content and links delivered Who we want? Proven SEO e...

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    This project is needed high quality code. So if you are a senior Java, Python, C# expert, bid please. Before bid, look the attachment file.

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    Must Include: 1. page rank algorithm (:~:text=PageRank%20(PR)%20is%20an%20algorithm,the%20importance%20of%20website%20pages.) 2. Click-through rate () 3. pseudo code & time and space complexity analysis

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    This is a data analysis project. You may use whatever method you want to do. The goal is to use the data to predict the "cointegration_constant". X (independent data): first 16 columns of the dataset y : co...milestone_date_o2 to predict the cointegration constant of this milestone_date Example: For milestone_date_o2 20201231, we train the model (training data) with the data before 20201231 (20020630 to 20200930), that is row 0-19086 in the data set. The testing data is the row 19087-20591. The better the recall and precision, the better the result. Goal: You need to use a consistent model structure (like same algorithm, same layers, same neuron etc) along all the milestone_date. After a model is built, train the model with the data described in "sample" secti...

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    Buil me a code 8 hours left

    Write a malware detection code using RNN Algorithm and use dataset ember 2018.

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    Thank you for reading. We have a project to develop a fall detector using Bluetooth or Zigbee technology using pre-defined hardware. It is for an emergency help call and fall detection product. The project will be to: 1. Find a suitable fall detection algorithm 2. Implement it on the NRF52832 chipset 3. Test and confirm it works well. there are plenty of algorithms out there in research papers etc, we dont want the freelancer to create their own algorithm. key requirements are low power usage. We can provide all items for the development platform. Please reply with your experience in iOT, G sensor/accelerometers an Bluetooth or Zigbee

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    Develop a client/server application using Linux TCP sockets and the C programming language. Your solution will respond to service requests by clients. Such requests may be by either providing the IP address of the server or the name of the host where the server is executing. Transmission errors will be handled by applying the CRC algorithm to detect errors and Hamming to both detect and correct a single bit errors.

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    Develop a client/server application using Linux TCP sockets and the C programming language. Your solution will respond to service requests by clients. Such requests may be by either providing the IP address of the server or the name of the host where the server is executing. Transmission errors will be handled by applying the CRC algorithm to detect errors and Hamming to both detect and correct a single bit errors.

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    I need someone who professional in python to build my cluster algorithm and compare it with two most recent publish algorithms.

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    ...which have already been proposed have various phases of data preprocessing, feature extraction, and classification. It is analyzed that machine learning algorithms like SVM, KNN, DT, etc. give low accuracy for vulnerability detection. A novel machine learning algorithm is required which increases accuracy for vulnerability detection in edge computing. Note- [ Need new hybrid ML algorithm, not an existing one with GitHub available code.] The main objective of this project is to secure edge devices using a hybrid machine learning algorithm that gives better accuracy than the previously proposed method. For example using a hybrid of random forest, decision forest, KNN, and SVM was used prior which gives an accuracy of 96.28. So, I need a mixture of algorithms that pe...

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    As a part of research of my workplace, we are looking for somebody who can develop the travelling salesman problem algorithm in a project that was already started. The programming language is JavaScript and here the route calculation must be programmed from (x,y) coordinates to find the shortest route between nodes. Use cases should be completed so that tests run.

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    Hello, I need an experienced python developer who can work on a Data Structures task using shortest path algorithm I have attached the task below. Looking for a developer who can work on it immediately and start right away. NEEDS TO BE DONE WITHIN 8 hours Thanks.

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    The purpose of a fitness app is to provide the user with instructions and examples of one or more types of exercise, physical activity, in order to facilitate muscle growth through progressive overload. Users will be able to track previous workouts and set goals based upon their current progression; where the app will help to determine when and whether they should increase the heaviness o...of their working set. The app would also allow to know beforehand the crowdiness of the gym during peak and off-peak hours. Possible feature: Possibility to join a discussion or group in consideration to the user’s membership. Category of app: Activity tracking apps / informational As you input what exercise you are doing and it gives you information based on the specific activity (Adaptive A...

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    The application we would like to develop aims to make people aware of their carbon footprint when they travel, commute, etc. It aims to raise awareness about the environment and what they can contribute. It would be a simple interface, with one major functionality. As a user, you would have to enter your departure and arrival addresses. The algorithm/server then proposes the different means of locomotion and what they consume in carbon. The different options are: public transport, car, bicycle, and walking distance. The application also proposes the travel time according to the chosen means of transportation in order to stay in the spectrum of efficiency. With the budget we have been given, this application will be a working prototype since we understand that the server requires m...

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    's algorithm(Single Source Shortest Path) can be used to find the sortest distance from source node to all other nodes in the node network. nodes should be generated using 'jngen' graph generator.(File attached) Distance from source node(Zero) to all other nodes should be calculated. implementation of the algorithm is mandatory. CUDA code should run on NVIDIA-SMI 470.42.01 Driver Version: 470.42.01 CUDA Version: 11.4

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