Freelancer Desktop App

Easy to Install. It's FREE to use. Available in Windows, Linux & Mac

Benefits of using the Freelancer Desktop App




  • Automatically tracks the hours you have worked on an hourly project.
  • Easily switches tracking from one hourly project to another.
  • Chat with your contacts while tracking your hours.
  • Share files easily.
  • Periodically takes screenshots of your desktop to capture your work progress.
  • Manually take screenshots and leave notes for review.
  • Automatically invoices hours tracked on the project.
  • Offline Tracking to prevent losing worked hours.

More features coming soon!

Desktop App Success

Believe me, my earnings have increased over the time because of this. A fixed project might take more time than I'd actually thought of while bidding and accepting. But, hourly project done using the Desktop App makes sure I get paid for every single minute, even seconds that I commit into the project.

- Sankalp, UI/UX Designer

Establish work you can trust. Get the app and track your hours.

*Comparison of average freelancer earnings between timetracker app users and non-users from January to June 2016.