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Project/Contest Description Bids/Entries Skills Started Ends Price (SGD)
Redesign FOUR logotypes for my business I have four loggos that Im not satisfied with, I want them redesigned. I have uploaded all of them. You are free to be as creative as you wish but please maintain the color schemes. 9 Graphic Design, Logo Design Jan 26, 2018 Jan 26, 20186d 10h $13
Design a Logo for We are starting a Bitcoin and crypto-currency exchange. For that, we need a logo. For "B" in Bazaar, you can use the Bitcoin symbol. Rest you can use your creativity. 66 3D Design, Graphic Design, Illustrator, Logo Design, Photoshop Jan 26, 2018 Jan 26, 20186d 5h $20
SpydaFyst Band Logo Vectorization NOT FIX THIS: svg here from [url removed, login to view] [url removed, login to view] I designed the Spydafyst Logo as attached see [url removed, login to view] This is a band logo the eyes are the character 'i' the 9^8 is for i the ninth letter of the alphabet the Injuries on the spider represent police injuries sustained without a musical context. The gloves are important as I would li... 7 3ds Max, Caricature & Cartoons, Flyscreens, Logo Design, Print Jan 26, 2018 Jan 26, 20184d 21h $20
DESIGN A NEW CHESS TOURNAMENT LOGO UPDATE 4 FEB I uploaded some more clipart logos i found so i just thought it might help for ideas Also 2 of them will show you the 2 logos for the WORLD CHESS and WORLD CHAMPS LOGO. So most of you will by now what types of logos we are competing with. i dont expect anything like the 2 lovers on chess cover but we have to be very good.. i wonder if anyone can make me a Globe out of Origami??? ... 658 Graphic Design, Logo Design Jan 25, 2018 Jan 25, 20184d 19h $657
Extract resources from hi res pdf file to make a large district map, soft copy finished product I am a real estate agent in a rural area of NSW Australia. I have a massive blank wall in my office that I want to cover with a HUGE map of the farms and rural properties in my area. I have obtained a copy of the district map but am not excited by the aesthetic. I need someone with an artistic eye the make the map beautiful and wall worthy, as well as being a useful reference tool. I am open to... 8 Adobe Illustrator, Banner Design, Digital Design, Graphic Design, Photoshop Jan 24, 2018 Jan 24, 20184d 16h $207
Entry 211: Logo & Namecard design Company Name: Unikcorn Business type: Rock, Crystals and Gemstones wholesaler Purpose for this project: Create the logo and the name card design Idea from the founder: 1. Please see the file in the attachment for design requirement. 2. The namecard design have no special requirement Submission requirement for the winner: Please have all the format(PSD format must included) of the l... 180 Graphic Design, Logo Design Jan 24, 2018 Jan 24, 20184d 14h $104
Android, iPhone, Mobile App Development Jan 24, 2018 Jan 24, 20184d 10h
Design a Course Image for a WordPress Masterclass Course I am looking for someone to design an image for my course. It is a course about creating WordPress websites. If you would like to see my other courses to see what they are like, please visit [url removed, login to view] and look at the course you want, if you need some inspiration. Use this link: [url removed, login to view] so you can look at the current courses related to the topic. I would l... 14 Adobe Illustrator, Graphic Design, Photoshop Jan 24, 2018 Jan 24, 20184d 7h $98
Style Guide Development / Corporate Identity Hi Everyone, I'm looking for a freelancer to help me develop our Style Guide (Brand Guide) for my brand. That includes: - Find optimal Color Scheme based on Brand description (see attachment) - Find optimal Typography Scheme based on Brand description (see attachment) - Create a fitting logo within the color scheme and typography scheme - Put alltogether in a brochure document Exea... 15 Branding, Corporate Identity, Graphic Design, Logo Design, Photoshop Jan 24, 2018 Jan 24, 20184d 6h $163
Slogan for a Free Task & Time Tracking Application for Freelancers Paymo - [url removed, login to view] is an online project management application that allows you to manage projects from start to finish. The FREE plan - [url removed, login to view] is dedicated exclusively to Freelancers, and its main purpose is to help Freelancers save time and get compensated fairly. ----- We're looking for an ORIGINAL slogan (up to 6-7 words) that we can use in o... 504 Catch Phrases, Content Writing, Creative Writing, Marketing, Slogans Jan 24, 2018 Jan 24, 20184d 5h $591
Make an attractive image for my measuring spoons Dear, Attached images are my measuring spoons, 6 pcs in one set. They are mostly for bakery. Please photoshop me an image showing a bakery setting, in which these spoons are used to measuring ingredients such as flour, spices, anything reasonable in a bakery kitchen. these spoons are made with premium stainless steel, so please do show the polishness and sharpness as stainless steel has. Please pr... 6 Photoshop Design Jan 24, 2018 Jan 24, 20181h 49m $13
Draw a Chibi version of me! I'm going to start streaming Overwatch on Twitch and I need someone to design me a banner and a chibi avatar! :) Here is my Instagram for photos of me: [url removed, login to view] Please draw me in a [url removed, login to view] Cosplay! Maybe something with doritos and mountain dew like this: [url removed, login to view] I'll need a chibi avatar, and banners for Twitch, Twitter, ... 24 Drawing, Graphic Design, Illustration, Logo Design, Photoshop Design Jan 24, 2018 Jan 24, 201822d 22h $30
Easy Money - Best Video Creator We need you to create a minute long video using a voice over we added and stock clips that you can find. Here is the audio voice over you can use. [url removed, login to view] Use stock footage or animation to make the video. Here are a few examples to follow [url removed, login to view] and this [url removed, login to view] We need you to do your best work. We do a lot of video pr... 25 Animation, Graphic Design, Video Editing, Video Production, Video Services Jan 23, 2018 Jan 23, 20189d 14h $164
Design a Logo for an Online Magazine I need a logo designed for an new Online Magazine; the magazine is called "All Things Human" - the slogan is "Uplifting our planet, one human at a time". This will be a business platform for professionals that specialize in humanities fields such as psychology, coaching, wellness and other medical fields. The readership is both male and female so the logo should be gender neutr... 135 Graphic Design, Logo Design Jan 23, 2018 Jan 23, 20183d 8h $96
Customer Experience Video We are looking to create a video to narrate our customer experience and tell them how amazing our company. We have a text which will be displayed on our website. We would like a video that can help narrate this text. The customer experience text to narrate is: Providing a great customer experience doesn’t just happen on its own. It begins with a drive that explodes into an uncontroll... 1 3D Animation, 3D Design, Video Production, Video Services, Videography Jan 23, 2018 Jan 23, 20183d 8h $53
Design Sample Mock Up Advertisements for Local Businesses Submit your best design entry for an advertisement for REI TV. REI TV is a new Podcast show, it is currently reaching out to business owners looking for new ways to advertise. REI TV broadcasts live on Youtube, Periscope, Twitch, VK, FB Live and is looking for designs similar to the ones attached but with a blank "Your Business Here" design added. The ad should focus on REI TV DAILY DEAL... 2 Advertisement Design Jan 23, 2018 Jan 23, 20183d 7h $33
web scraping tool Develop web scraping tool using python which is capable of doing the following tasks: 1. take input "District" and "Area in terms of sqft". 2. scrap the following website for example: [url removed, login to view] 3. Return output to include (a) images of the property (b) agent's contact details: email or mobile number (c) asking price (d) property name (e) dis... 5 Python, Web Scraping Jan 23, 2018 Jan 23, 20183d 6h $26
Design a logo for us Brand Name : CBDEX Description : Movers and Packers Need to have vertical variation, square (for app) I love the simplicity around playing with fonts like FedEx, DHL did Last but not least, logo will go with different variations later as change in description on basis of it's segments like Packers and Movers, Furniture Removals etc - tag lines will be changed only 116 Graphic Design, Icon Design, Illustrator, Logo Design, Photoshop Jan 23, 2018 Jan 23, 20183d 3h $13
LOGO for oriental/arabic/middle eastern halal organic beauty, natural cure and holistic health activity Hi guys and as salamu alaykum I'm an italian muslim woman and perform HIJAMA therapy also known as wet cupping. It's a method from the Sunnah, these means that our Prophet Muhammad s.a.s. did and reccomend it too for its benefits to our health trough detoxifing our blood and with that our body. I'm also a BEAUTICIAN who uses halal natural organic cosmetics (and do it also on m... 207 Graphic Design, Illustrator, Logo Design Jan 22, 2018 Jan 22, 20182d 10h $394
Design of activities for Alzheimer The prize is for 10 selected design At that stage, we are only asking for the design and the reward will be paid for the design. We will pay seperately for the execution plan. Activities for elderly people suffering from Alzheimer Design Concept We intend to help elderly people suffering from severe cognitive difficulties, such as those experienced by Alzheimer’s and neurodegenerat... 19 3D Design, 3D Rendering, Arts & Crafts, Graphic Design Jan 22, 2018 Jan 22, 20182d 10h $813
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