How the Preferred Freelancer Program Completely Changed My Life and Freelance Business

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 If you want to be seen and heard,

Then you have to become a freelancer Preferred.

 - Anonymous Preferred Freelancer

At the very beginning, just one in ten of my newly awarded projects was Preferred. Back then, I used to think that this Program would be nothing more than just one more shiny achievements badge on my profile. Then, a Preferred project worth a thousand dollars changed all of that.


Show Me The Money, Preferred Honey!

Just to clarify something. Before joining the Preferred Program I was a five-star rated freelancer for a couple of years. Yet, I’ve never won a single project worth a thousand dollars. Why? Well, there are two reasons. The first one was that being a writer you don’t see too many of high-value projects. Compared to the developers, for example. In the best case scenario, you win a project that’s worth a few hundred dollars. And that’s it. A one time gig. The second more important reason had to do with the Freelancer’s fees system.

 If you want to bid on a project for a price of a thousand dollars, you have to be prepared to pay a hundred dollars as soon as you accept it. Right? Long story short, that was both huge commitment and risk for me. The best thing I could do is just avoid these four-figure-projects. When I won my first one thousand dollars project ever, which was a Preferred one, I realized that I would have to pay the fees when I get paid. That was a revolutionary change that allowed me to bid on high-value projects freely and boldly.

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Pretty soon I won my second high-value project, then third. Then, I lost count. In 2017, Preferred projects represented more than 30% of all projects won and successfully accomplished on Freelancer. This year, I’m getting close to the fifty-fifty ratio. There were days when I had 3 or 4 Preferred projects won in a row. There were weeks when I just couldn’t find time to bid and work on “regular” non-Preferred projects. I know freelancers, my Preferred colleagues, who now work exclusively on Preferred projects.


Top Gun for Preferred Freelancers and Clients

I don’t want to use the word “best,” but Preferred Program leave me no choice. I’m not saying that you will find the best clients there are in this Program, but the fact is undeniable. These clients mean business! They’ve paid extra to find the best freelancer this platform has to offer. In most of the cases, the price isn’t their priority, but rather the quality of work. In Preferred Program I needed just one or two of these projects in a month to make as much as I used to earn from a dozen of regular projects before.

So, what does it mean for me to be a Preferred freelancer? Guess, it’s a little bit of both prestige and a great money-making opportunity.


To Be A Preferred Freelancer or Not To Be Freelancer At All 

If you want to be a new sheriff in town, you have to have the badge. Right? I have to be totally honest about it. I can’t live without my Preferred Badge. I just realized that I’ve worked on more than a hundred Preferred projects. What would I do without all that money? I guess that the quality of life I provide for my family would’ve suffered a lot.  

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I’ve been a freelancer for more than six years now. I’ve worked on more than a thousand projects. Believe me when I say, when it comes to freelancing, I’ve seen and I’ve done it all. Freelancer isn’t the only platform for freelancers out there, but Preferred Program is one of its kind. There are similar stand-out-from-the-crowd features on other freelance websites, but they are so static to say at least. You get a nice looking star or your profile gets highlighted and that’s all. There are no project assistants (Recruiters) to help you. There’s no VIP feeling that keeps you moving.

Do you know how I know that today is going to be a good day for freelancing? Well, I just got my new Preferred invitation. Time to polish my Preferred badge! 

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