Traveling the world was merely a dream for Tiago Lima, 29, and his wife Adna, 28. Time was their biggest obstacle since Tiago’s job required him to spend most of his days in the office. He worked as an administrator for the local health department in the small town of Camaçari in Bahia, Brazil. Tiago stayed there for five years until he was no longer happy and content in what he was doing.

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“Despite working in a well-paid job, I wasn’t happy anymore. I felt like there was no longer space for me to grow, and that I would end up doing exactly the same thing for the rest of my life,” said Tiago.

His animosity towards his job led to his search for alternative means of earning and found

“I left my job and chose Freelancer because it connected me to clients from all over the world and it had several thousands of projects I could bid on,” he added.

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Tiago offered two services on the platform: business analysis and English-Spanish-Portuguese translation. He developed his business skills throughout his stay in Camaçari, where he was responsible for managing appointments for several clinics. He also dealt with B2B (business-to-business) and B2C (business-to-consumer) issues.

Tiago scored some translation projects from the get-go and business has been good since then. “Since I began working as a freelancer, my income has increased and I now earn about three times of what I earned previously,” he said.

In 2016, Tiago expanded his services by offering translations in several other languages such as Dutch, German, French, and Italian, which he learned through various online and offline courses. Now confident in his new additions, he listed them down on his Freelancer profile and began bidding for projects that needed them.

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An employer based in Los Angeles, California, USA hired Tiago to do administrative and customer service work for a freight forwarding company.

“At the freight forwarding company, I handled communications in multiple languages for all clients and service providers that spoke Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch, German, Italian, andFrench. This included handling client’s accounts, doing contacts with foreign service providers, helping with customs clearing procedures and everything in between that needed to be done in any of these languages.

It was a very diverse job. I handled lots of different types of requests and I was really happy when I managed to help a client that was having trouble communicating in English.”

Tiago was paid by the hour and the project lasted for a year. His employer gave him two thumbs up for his excellent work, professionalism, and courteousness.

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Tiago’s commitment on Freelancer has landed him a spot on the platform’s elite group of freelancers -- the Preferred Freelancer Program. He now works hand-in-hand with the Freelancer Recruiter Team in extending his exceptional work ethic to high-valued clients on the platform.

“I have been contacted multiple times by the Recruiter Team. They are very helpful as they get me in touch with clients that have special requirements I meet,” said Tiago.

"Freelancer is amazing. It is the perfect platform to combine latent demand with those who can offer their services. That means I can now have a global reach and prospect new clients and projects in a much simpler way. It allows me to travel abroad, to control my financial life and to live in a more fulfilling way."

“My goal is to travel around the world with my wife and Freelancer has been substantial in attaining this goal. So far, we have visited four countries and we plan on visiting much more next year.”

In need of a translator? Tiago is just one click away. Alternatively, you can post a project for your other business needs.

Posted 18 August, 2017

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