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How to get a flyer designed to market your business

A well-designed flyer can be an incredibly effective form of marketing. Find out how to get one designed for your business.
Apr 21, 2020 • 7 minute read
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It may come as a surprise that flyers can be even more effective than email marketing

In a world overflowing with marketing budgets and strategies involving expensive mediums, small businesses may feel that they are not left with affordable advertising options anymore.
In reality, this can’t be further from the truth. A small business can still have an effective marketing campaign in spite of a limited budget.
Every company has to reach out to its potential clientele to get the word out there. While online and digital platforms are a current and popular choice, traditional promotional methods like marketing flyers can also help businesses thrive.
So, read on to find out what constitutes a relevant flyer and how a graphic designer can help you create the perfect one for your business.

Do I need a marketing flyer?

As one of the oldest advertising methods, flyers are excellent at letting people know that you exist. You may have a comprehensive physical as well as digital presence, but most people have extremely short attention spans. This means that you are required to be constantly visible to your customers.
Flyers are one of the oldest marketing tools that have been used to promote a range of products. Whether you are launching a new one or offering discounts, flyers come across as one of the most familiar marketing ideas for small and mid-sized businesses.

Are flyers still relevant?

Flyers may not have the reach of social media but, when used effectively, they can overcome the shortfalls of digital marketing. The majority of us at least take a look at a flyer before discarding it, which is not true for most promotional emails that go directly to our junk folder without even so much as a glance.
Nearly 80% of email advertisements are ignored or deleted. Studies have shown that the human brain is more likely to display an emotional response and remember physical advertisements, like flyers, in comparison to digital ads. This makes flyers as relevant as ever provided they are used the right way.

What constitutes a good marketing flyer?

While flyers can be designed differently for different businesses and products, every good flyer should include the following 5 fundamental elements to make it relevant and effective.

Simple and straightforward

Since flyers are used as means of announcements, they must be designed as such as well. A flyer is not your company’s product brochure. So, don’t clutter it with more information than can be read at a glance. Try and focus on your main offering and give a few details regarding it to entice the customers to search for your products or services. For this purpose, make sure that the information you display on a flyer is simple and concise. Every targeted customer must understand it without a doubt. Make the flyers crisp and realistic and refrain from incorporating any irrelevant details that may overshadow the original message of the marketing flyer.

Aesthetic appeal

The design, font style, color, etc. must complement the message that you are trying to convey. For instance, if you own a business of children’s stationery and you are offering a discount, then go ahead with bright and bold colors that match your products. However, if you are running a funeral service then the message must be subtle and calm with aesthetically appealing earthy colors. Overall, make your flyer fun and interesting to view as well as read. Overtly serious flyers can come across as negative and dull.
Also, the flyer’s background and layout are equally important for the overall look and feel to gel with your message. If you want to display more information, but don’t have enough space, then split the flyer into a grid format where each information is sectionalized, much like a newspaper.

High quality

Flyers are essentially marketing tools. Therefore, a cheaply designed flyer on a cheap paper will convey exactly that message about your business or service offering. Here, hiring the services of a graphics designer can ensure that your final product matches your vision. Once the design is ready, you can print it out on high-quality paper. This is important because your customers are going to touch it and it will impact their notion of your services.
If for any reason, you have to print out photocopies of your flyer, then make sure that it is as close to the original as possible.


We all love discounts and including them in your flyer can help you get much better results than most other forms of marketing. Firstly, offer a good discount that is attractive enough to interest the reader. Secondly, be clear about what you are offering. If done right the first time, you are more likely to get repeat clientele every time you have a promotion.
Make sure that the product on discount is clearly displayed on the flyer with all the important features highlighted. In case of services, you can include a picture of the act being performed or a client testimonial certifying your quality of service.
Offers, discounts, coupons, sale announcements are all essential components of an effective flyer. These elements make your flyer an eye-catching marketing tool.

Contact details

Include contact details that are clearly visible and easy to understand. The ultimate purpose of the flyer is to spread the word regarding your business and lead clients back to you. Hence, the flyer must include an address (physical or virtual like a website), as well as, a contact number. Make it as easy for people to find you as possible. You can even include a small map if you have sufficient space. Ideally, contact details must be included with a call to action.
By incorporating these basic elements into your marketing flyer, you can end up with an effective marketing tool that is beneficial in the short-term and also has a long-term impact on your revenues.

Different types of marketing flyers

The biggest advantage of flyers is that they can be taken away and read at leisure. Even in this digital age, we expect companies to provide printer material and flyers help improve your business’s credibility in this regard. This versatile marketing tool can be designed in the following popular forms and you can select one (or more) depending on your requirement.


As the name suggests, a tri-fold flyer is made up of three folded panels that are, usually, equal in dimensions. Further, each panel can be used on both sides giving ample space on these surfaces while keeping the flyer small enough to carry around. This interesting design allows you to fill in three times the information in a seemingly lesser area. Due to their compact nature, they can be conveniently displayed on a desk or the reception area for your business where clients can help themselves to more information.
This type of flyer comes in another couple of popular variations: Z-fold and Bi-fold. Bi-fold design is more common in brochures than flyers, but Z-fold flyers are just as common as tri-fold flyers.

Door hangers

A door hanger is a much-underrated category of flyers. As marketing flyers that can be hung on a door handle, these are excellent at ensuring that your customer receives the message. They are printed with space or a hole through which they can slide right onto a door handle. Businesses typically use these flyers as they are cost-effective and are capable of coming closest to the target market segment. They are ideal for companies targeting a small area


The most prominent characteristic of a handbill is the amount of text that is printed on them. Much like a leaflet, a handbill flyer is used to convey a very short message, usually with the intent of generating awareness. They are popularly used to announce discounts or promotional sales by business owners. They can be distributed with newspapers and may even include a discount coupon.


A poster is a flyer that includes mainly graphic designs like images, infographics, etc. typically, posters are stuck on walls or displayed on boards where the target market segment can read the information printed on them. An effective poster must include graphics or images that are captivating and will entice the passerby to stop and read further. This makes the idea of announcing an upcoming event like a movie or a play since they are displayed in a central location like an information board.


Pamphlets are mainly useful for mass production and distribution. They are an inexpensive way to generate brand awareness as you need not print them on a costly paper. Also, they are printed on one side only. Pamphlets are mostly used for announcing festivals or events that require venue, date, and time to be printed on them. You can list out a list of performers including the acts that they are performing urging the customer to buy tickets and attend the show.

Hiring a graphic designer to design your flyer

As you can see, flyers come in all shapes and sizes. So, designing the best fit for your business can seem like an overwhelming task. This is where you need to shift the gears and consider outsourcing the work to an experienced graphic designer. A well-equipped graphics artist can bring your concept to life within 24 hours while you may struggle for weeks finalizing the design, color, text placement, etc.
If you are ready to get started, then a reputable freelance talent platform is where you should begin your search. You can shortlist qualified graphic designers from a global pool of resources that are pre-verified. Hiring a freelance designer not only lowers your overhead costs, but it also helps you interact directly with the individual designing your flyer. All that is required from your end is a detailed brief outlining your requirement.
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